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1:1 Coaching 

Are you ready to enter your slow season?

In our modern world, there’s a lot of emphasis and value put on ‘doing’ and too often we align our worth with how much we’ve done. There’s the constant expectation that we should be more efficient with our time so that we can fit more things in to our already crammed schedule. We don’t seem to value ‘being’ in the same way but ‘being’ is equally, if not more important. It is when we’re just ‘being’ that we develop gratitude for what we have, it opens our eyes to the small joys in life and creates contentment. It gives us a chance to pause, reflect and rest - all of which are key for our wellbeing.


I support people who feel overwhelmed and burnt-out and who instead want to create a life that makes them feel content and satisfied. As a wellness and resilience coach, I want to share the knowledge and skills I have developed through slow living with you.


There is a misconception that slow living is about doing everything slowly, which isn’t the case. Instead slow + simple living is a mindful approach to life that welcomes a slower rhythm and focuses on savouring life's simple pleasures. It’s about being intentional with the time that you have so that you can be present and engage with the things you value most. Also by tuning into the seasons (across all areas; natures seasons, life seasons/ageing, menstrual cycle seasons etc) it can enable us to adjust our routines and rituals so that we’re able to slow down, meet our individual needs and live harmoniously alongside the world around us.

As such by using strategies from the ethos of slow, simple and seasonal living as well as more traditional coaching techniques, we can explore how you can slow down, find joy in life’s simple pleasures and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you so that you can lead a fulfilling life that suits you best. 

 Are you ...

  • Tired of feeling like you never have enough time and as though every second has to be filled with doing something useful, meaningful, fun etc.?

  • Desiring the ability to prioritise your time, set boundaries and be able to say “no” ?

  • Ready to give yourself permission to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing?

  • Looking for a cheerleader that will support you every step of the way?

  •  Excited to live a life that is spacious, joyful, fulfilling and feels right for you?

Through coaching
you will be supported to...

  • Find ways to protect and prioritise your time by living more slowly, simply and seasonally

  • Focus on improving your sense of wellbeing and develop your resilience

  • Reconnect to what a simple and fulfilling life looks and feels like to you

  • Let go of “shoulds”, societal pressures and overwhelm and create more time for life’s simple pleasures and the things you love

  • Create meaningful, sustainable goals and strategies to achieve them




"I have had such a positive experience having life coaching with Laura. She is empathetic, kind and displayed the right amount of professional curiosity to help me figure out the direction I want to go"



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