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Prices and Packages

I believe that by incorporating slow and simple living strategies we can find ways to protect our time, be more present and find joy in the little things which will ultimately reduce overwhelm and stress. 


Through our coaching sessions together, we can explore exactly what’s going on in your life and help you find ways to move from overwhelm to joy. We will do this by exploring: 


  • Your values

  • What your priorities and purpose are in life

  • What areas of your life you want to slow down

  • How you can develop your specific routines and rituals

  • How you can set boundaries

Here are some of the benefits I've found from incorporating slow living into my life which are aspects we can work on together through coaching:

"By being more intentional with my time and inviting stillness, I’ve developed a gratitude for the world around me, the people I have relationships with and the things I have. 


By creating routines and rituals, I’ve been able to connect to the seasons and incorporate sprinkles of joy into my everyday life.


By learning to set boundaries, I’ve not only reduced my stress levels but have also shown myself and others a deeper level of respect."

Option 1

1 x 90 minute online session - to help you deep dive into your goal. This is suitable for those who already have a good sense of what they are working towards but need some support with gaining further clarity and/or refocusing. 

2 weeks of follow up support -  via email should you need any.


Option 2

6 x 60 minute online sessions - the frequency of sessions can be set at a pace that suits you.


Support in-between sessions - via email


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